"Last night puppies were crying from somewhere under my house. I don't know how many - all night long.

Around 4am the sound was louder. Suddenly I heard a noise from an iron stick hitting something for a few minutes - and since that moment the puppies stopped crying forever.

Obviously their crying had annoyed someone in the neighbourhood, and they killed them.

I haven't slept all night.

"Do you all remember poor little Ernie, who lost his sight so cruelly. Well I'm sitting here waiting for a call to say he is nearly to the UK and that we can go and collect him and take him to his new home.

It's never quite believable when you know you're going to actually meet them.

We're waiting for you, little boy.
Stavroula has invested all her savings and all her spare time to care for street dogs. For the moment there are about 40 dogs in her shelter. Here the dogs get food, water, protection and (perhaps for their first time in life) a lot of love.

With the support from donors and a small but dedicated network of "Administrators" all over Europe Stavroula is able to provide basic care in addition to flea, tick and worm treatment, blood tests, vaccinations, surgery and other medical treatments. The dogs can also enjoy toys, treats, dog houses and blankets.

But there are many dogs left out there. Many of them do not make it to the shelter.

Tragedies are common, in particular owing to spreading of poisoned food to "get rid of all those stray dogs".

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The shelter is the dogs' temporary home before they are vaccinated and get a new home abroad. Over the 6 months from spring to autumn 2012 more than 30 dogs have got a family and a new life in the U.K., U.S.A, Scandinavia and elsewhere. Hope is turned into reality every month!

But it is a continuous struggle by Stavroula and her Supporters to get sufficient funding from one month to the next. On top of this, you know the current situation in Greece.

Hope and despair - interspaced by donor contributions that are rescuing the day or even the week - is colouring the activities surrounding Elpida - The Shelter of Hope.

We really appreciate that you have visited this site and read our story. As you understand, we would be particularly happy to receive a comment from you - of any kind. Do you have ideas for fundraising? Could you possibly contribute by spreading the link to Elpida's home page to your social network? What about making a donation? You find various options at Elpida's Website.

Whether you are able to donate 1, 5 or 10 dollars/Euros, it is very much appreciated!